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Take a dive into this abandoned computer, see what dark secrets it contains, and most importantly, find them.

Sine OS was a relatively popular operating system made in the late 90s. Its creator has never been seen since 1999. What Happened to him?

What is Entity?

Entity: Computer Fever Dream is an arcade-style game with plans of a story mode in the full game, but for now try out the main gameplay and explore Sine OS in this little demo.

This is a project I have been working on for a while now. But I believe it's finally ready for a demo to be released! The whole point of this demo is to get feedback from the public about this game, so if you got any, share it with me in the comments.

What's going to be in the full game?

The full game will include a story mode, the web browser, and a couple of other things too.

Where can I listen to the soundtrack?

The Soundtrack for the game is done by Pablo Heckman (Expodev) and it is awesome, check out the OST video here! THE OST VIDEOTHE HOLIDAY SPECIAL OST

The Thumbnail art is done by my brother.

Install instructions

Windows hates Clickteam Games. So when you boot it up it will most likely say something on the lines of "Windows Defeneder thinks this is a virus." All you have to do is click More Info and Run Anyways.


EntityComputerFeverDream_Demo.zip 20 MB
EntityHolidaySpecial.zip 24 MB
SineQuoteMaker.exe 2 MB

Development log


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Cool game! I played V.1.0.3, and my only issue is that I found "rush" mode to be too easy.

I made it to around wave 160 and it seemed impossible for time to fall to 0 until I let it happen myself.


ah. that is a problem, a huge problem. Which I have now just fixed (Hopefully) also, thanks for playing! I love your videos so much, so I couldn't believe that you played the game. Keep doing what you're doing, you make great and amazing videos and your game, BotSound looks pretty awesome, I cant wait for that demo.


Ahh! Thanks! That's really kind of you to say! You're game is great, too. I'm excited to play the full version when it comes out!